What is the Difference Between the Democracy and Undemocracy

Democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people. Thus, it is the “people” who form it and give rise to it. If they themselves aren’t supporting it, then of course, it is against democracy as it is against those people. 

Democracy is a form of government where citizens are governed through their elected representatives. We can say that a democracy is a govt defined by the people because we have chosen them or elected them as our representative and a govt. for the people because they look after or take care of the needs of its Citizens.

Now, Democracy is of two types:

  1. Direct - under this, the head of the state is directly elected by people. Like England.
  2. Indirect - India comes under this category where we choose representative who in turn decides in parliament that who will be pm.

Now, it is very important to have democracy in a country because:

  • Promotes equality among citizens.
  • Enhances dignity of individuals.
  • Allows the citizens to follow any religion that is most meaningful to them.
  • Gives its Citizens right to vote for anyone of their choice.
  • Allows freedom of speech. Everyone gets a chance to voice out their opinions and share their ideas.
Hence, democracy is most suitable form of government than any other form of government because it provides prosperity to citizens and also great opportunities to contribute towards the development of the nation.

Undemocracy against or not acting according to the principles of a system which supports equal rights for all people (a democracy),relating to a system of government or a country in which the leaders are not elected by the people, or not elected in a way that is considered to be fair.

Difference Between Democracy and Undemocracy

S.N. Democracy Undemocracy
1 Voting  Intolerance
2 Respect for others Bullying
3    Fairness Dishonesty
4 Freedom Election cruption
5 Elections Voilance
6 Equality Living in fear
7 Trust Excluding people who different
8 Elected Government Dictatorship
9 Responsibility No Voting
10 Justice Discrimination


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