Reason behind Veronica Seider's Superhuman eyesight?

Veronica Seider from Stuttgart, Germany broke the basic concept of human vision limit, with her Eagle like “superhuman” eyes. To say, Veronica had eyes with a superhuman ability which helped her to see and identify a person from a distance of a mile away.

Veronica Seider a German lady has 20 times better visual ability than the average human.

  1. Her superhuman eyesight sounds like something from the plot of a movie.
  2. Her eye-sight ability is outstanding and compared with the fact that a normal human can barely see detail from 20 feet away, Veronica can reportedly do the same thing over a mile.
  3. The normal human eye has a visual acuity of 20/20 while Veronica Seider has an acuity of around 20/2.
  4. She is able to distinguish people from that far away (1 mile) and can also gauge their relative distance from her position.
  5. Veronica Seider’s visual ability is considered as a paranormal human mystery. Her powerful eyesight enables her to write a 10-page letter on the back of a postage stamp and read it clearly.
  6. Veronica also demonstrated that cutting out a piece of paper of the exact size of her thumbnail. She then wrote 20 verses of a poem on it neatly.


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