Kleptomania is a disorder in which a person has an inner urge to steal. The person steals such things which are small things with less value and the person can buy them easily. The person does not have any need for that stolen item Neither does he use it after stealing. a person with kleptomania is unable to resist the temptation to steal and he cannot ignore it.

People who suffer with kleptomania have involving other types of disorders, such as anxiety, mood, eating, impulse control, and drug use. People with kleptomania have a great level of stress, remorse, and privacy issues apart from worrying about theft, which they are mostly victims and they have to face problems.

Symptoms of Kleptomania

Symptoms of kleptomania are mostly seen in teenagers or young people, these symptoms are seen more in women than men. First described in 1816 Kleptomania is a classified mental disorder as an impulse control disorder. Some other symptoms of kleptomania include:

  • People steal things that don't have much value.
  • The person feels pleasure and joy after stealing the items.
  • The person is unable to ignore the feeling of theft.
  • Increased stress and anxiety for the person feeling stolen.
  • Stealing is not done out of any anger, vengeance (revenge), or the purpose of using the object itself.

Features of Kleptomania

  • They steal such small things which they can easily buy with their own money or these things are not useful for them, they feel only pleasure by stealing items.
  • The person does not plan to steal, it happens suddenly like picking up things from mall, shop, or supermarkets, many times the person also picks up things from family function or party.
  • Sometimes a person of kleptomania keeps the stolen items away or gives them to friends, relatives, or family members, otherwise, sometimes he keeps the things back from where he stole them.
  • A person with kleptomania is unable to stop the feeling of theft that has come inside his mind, people with this condition are in a state of stress before stealing, and after stealing they feel happiness and joy.


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