What is the Difference Between the Mind and the Brain?

Brain🧠 is an organ but the mind isn't. The brain is the physical place where the mind resides. The mind is the manifestations of thought, perception, emotion, determination, memory, and imagination that takes place within the brain. The mind is often used to refer especially to the thought processes of reason.

The Brain is the physical organ that is located on top of the head. It collects data from various sources (sense organs) and then analyze it, processes it in various parts.

The Mind on the other hand is a non-physical part of the body. We cannot sense it by using any sense organs. It does the job of thinking, feeling, and understanding. A person who can control his/her mind can conquer anything, can do impossible deeds. Brain on other hand is a dead lump of matter.

The Mind has the job of exploring. It is restless, always trying to find a better object of satisfaction. It either shows us the glorious/bitter future or the past and thus engages us in the mental world, thus stopping us to live in the present. Thus mind can act as an enemy. While on the other hand if we could control our minds, it can act as our best friend, enabling us to act wonderfully.

To explain this concept to your child, you can give him the example of a car and a driver. The car has all the necessary machinery to take us from one point to another, but without a driver it is useless. Similarly, the brain is just like a car and the minds the driver. A living entity is a soul, who is either the boss sitting at the back seat and enjoying the journey (if the driver is in his control) or is sitting helplessly watching his uncomfortable journey in horror.

Difference Between Mind Vs Brain

Difference Brain Mind
Considered Brain is considered to be a physical thing Mind is considered to be mental
Made up Brain is made up of nerve cells and blood vessels Mind is not like that
Shape Brain has a definite shape Mind does not have one
Feel We can see and touch the brain it is not possible with mind
Important Brain is an important organ in the human body Mind is the set of thinking faculties
Work For Brain, which is the center of the nervous system, coordinates the movements, thoughts, and feelings Mind refers to a person’s understanding of things and also his conscience
Place Brain has a definite place in the head But with regard to mind, it is only supposed to be in the brain


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