What Colors are make other Colors

Colors are created through the mixing of different primary colors. The primary colors are typically red, blue, and yellow. By combining these primary colors, along with various techniques and color models, we can create a wide range of secondary and tertiary colors. Here are some examples:

1. Red + Blue = Purple
   Red + Yellow = Orange
   Blue + Yellow = Green

2. Mixing secondary colors:
   Purple + Orange = Brown
   Purple + Green = Blue
   Orange + Green = Yellow

3. Tertiary colors:
   Red + Purple = Magenta
   Red + Orange = Vermilion
   Blue + Purple = Indigo
   Blue + Green = Teal
   Yellow + Orange = Amber
   Yellow + Green = Lime

Please note that the exact shades and variations of colors obtained through mixing can depend on factors such as the specific hues, pigments, and color models used. Additionally, color perception can vary from person to person.


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